How Long Do I Need to Wear My Retainer?

How Long Do I Need to Wear My Retainer?
Posted on 07/01/2019
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Here at Serino Orthodontics, it’s always our goal to provide the best orthodontic care for our patients. We’re always glad to help out our patients in Centreville and Easton in any way that we can. This doesn’t just include offering effective orthodontics such as braces and Invisalign; we place a priority on patient care and satisfaction just as much. We’ll always take the time to answer all of your questions and make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process. In fact, we’d like to take the time right now to answer one of the most common questions that we receive about the orthodontic process: “How long do I need to wear a retainer?”

Why Do You Need a Retainer?

Before we get to that question, we want to go over the importance of wearing a retainer in the first place. While the purpose of the orthodontic treatment is to move your teeth into a more pleasant and proper position, the purpose of the retainer is to…well…”retain” that position. Without the use of a retainer, your teeth may shift back into misalignment after orthodontic treatment is completed. However, wearing a retainer will hold your teeth in place, giving them structure and stability, helping ensure that you don’t lose all the terrific progress you made during your orthodontic treatment.

What Types of Retainers Are There?

There are a few different types of retainers. These include the following:

  • Bonded Retainers – Much like braces, these retainers are also known as permanent retainers since they’re cemented directly on the inside surface of your lower canines. Since they’re permanently attached, it’s a fantastic way to ensure that your teeth don’t shift.

  • Hawley Retainers – The Hawley retainer is the most common one and also the one you’re probably most familiar with. It’s made up of acrylic and metal wires that wrap around several of your teeth in order to keep them from moving.

  • Essix Retainers – These retainers essentially work the same way as Invisalign. These clear, plastic, removable retainers will slide on over an entire arch of teeth to hold them in place.

Caring for Your Retainer

Taking care of your retainer is just as important as taking care of your braces (or Invisalign). The way that you’ll clean them is dependent on the type of retainer that you have. For fixed (permanent) retainers, you’ll need to make sure that the wire that’s attached to your teeth is clean and there’s no food or bacteria trapped there. Since you can’t remove the retainer to wash it, we suggest using floss to clean between the wire and your teeth.

For removable retainers, you’ll want to remove them and rinse them out with lukewarm water immediately after you eat or drink anything. It’s recommended to use a cleaning solution, such as baking soda, to soak your retainers in. To help make sure that you’ve gotten all the food particles out of every crevice, you can use a toothbrush as well.

So How Long Will I Need to Wear My Retainers?

Here it is…the question that you’ve been waiting to be answered. And the answer is…it depends! Yes, that’s right; the amount of time that you may need to wear retainers will vary from patient to patient. However, orthodontists will often recommend a patient to wear his or her retainers as frequently as possible for the first few months to a year. After that, it’s usually best to wear the retainers nightly for an indefinite amount of time.

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